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Meet our Management Team

Passionate Educators


Vannak SOTH  (Mr. V)
Director / Co-Founder

Amazingly energetic and driven, Vannak quickly became one of the most beloved people at API-School. He has been expertly preparing the school to face challenges and succeed.


Aaron Hallowell 
Academic Director

Motivated and works hard to make sure that every student in our School receives a world-class education. Contact Aaron for more information about our International English Program.


Kimhieng HAN
Office Manager

Kimhieng is extremely organised and tremendously passionate about her work. She works hard to give everyone the most up-to-date and correct information and warmly welcomes everyone with a smile. Contact Kimhieng and her team for more information about the programs, additional services and school fees.


Sreynoch ROS
Head of Kindergarten

Sreynoch has over 6 years experience working with Children. She graduated from Paññasastra University of Cambodia. She believes that the early years are an important time to nurture children’s love of learning and to foster their overall wellbeing. She strives to provide environments that are inviting fun and inspire wonder and learning.


Sreyroth PON
ESL, CSL and Khmer Primary School head Teacher

Sreyroth, a graduate TESOLer from Pannasastra University of Cambodia, has been working almost 10 years in Education field. She is hard-working and passionate about her work. She believes that having a good education can solve ton of problems in life. Helping children to explore new things, connect themselves to the world independently, and succeed in their lives, have always been her intention and happiness.

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