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From the Director


Australia Pacific International School (API) commits to offering a higher standard of education by nourishing the seeds of understanding and knowledge in our children, so that our children are prepared for a bright and exciting future in which they can join society as confident, responsible, creative and independent people. API offers a globally focused education for the children resident in Cambodia.

Our vision is one of excellence, requiring an exceptional teaching staff that is committed to exceeding expectations, passionate about participating in a robust culture of professional development and accountability and most importantly, providing extraordinary educational opportunities to ensure our pupils thrive in a dynamic world.

API School recognizes that laying a good, strong foundation for English and other subjects of the curriculum, is so important, at the start we will accept only children from 3-5 years old. Gradually, the other Grade will commence as children progress up the learning ladder until the school becomes a kindergarten– Grade 6 centre of learning.

Thank you for your interest in API School, and I am pleased to invite you to keep on exploring our website to learn more and connect with us. 


Vannak Soth

API Director 

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