English Kindergarten Program

(Monday - Friday)

Pre-Schooler & Kindergartener will learn, develop and discover: 

  • Pencil control and writing skills

  • Recognition and writing of the English alphabet, letter names, letter sounds, and simple word building

  • Number recognition up to 100, simple addition and subtraction in Mathematics class

  • Sports, Fine Arts, and knowledge of the world

  • Social skills such as following rules, making friends, showing care, participating in the class and developing emotional awareness

  • Conversational English activities will improve the English level of your child in their early years.

What We Offer

One qualified native speaking English teacher per class to support and strengthen your child's English language development. 

Qualified Native English Speaker

A dedicated Khmer teaching assistant supports every class and ensures English-Khmer translation when needed. 

Dedicated Khmer Teaching Assistant

We follow an international curriculum for English Language, Arts, Mathematics, Natural and Social Science. 

International Curriculum

All students learn through play and games. Learning is fun and active !

Play-Based Learning

API South, Street 27 | API North, Street 26 Wat Bo Village, Sangkat Sala Komreuk Siem Reap Municipality, Cambodia 

Tel: 095 61 73 73 / 070 61 73 73 / 061 61 73 73 / 069 61 73 73

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